GV Orosei Marble srl

GV OROSEI MARBLES S.R.L. takes its name from the initials of Giorgio Dessena, father of the company owners and pioneer in Orosei marble extraction, an activity he began over 50 years ago. The company structure of GV OROSEI MARBLES, established in August 2011, is composed of four individuals and a corporate group: Lucia Francesca, Maria Antonietta, Pier Paolo and Rosanna, all children of Giorgio Dessena.

The four partners established GV OROSEI MARBLES Srl to combine their knowledge, professionalism and expertise in order to continue and intensify their Orosei marble extraction and processing activities, in keeping with their original family traditions.

Orosei Marbles

Orosei Marble is a unique material, renowned throughout the world for its natural colours and structure. It has characteristics of very high quality, making it a durable and versatile product suited to various types of uses, excellent for internal and external claddings and also greatly valued for decorative items and works of art.